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October 20, 2010

This is closed.

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I started this website when I was NINE! I’m now in secondary school and I quite frankly don’t like bin weevils.
I found something I love- free realms.

Can’t be asked to deal with this any more.



July 11, 2010

Hey guys!

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Sorry for the lack of posting,
Loads of stuff going on in my life.

Hard to find time to post because I’m always making video’s now…


My youtube username is Chibbyluna.

Well anyways,
I saw the advert for binweevils and it made me remember about my blog….

I can’t belive that I still have viewers after quitting, coming back and doing my usual not posting xP

Well I think I’m going to create a new account because of 2 reasons

A. I can’t remember my user and pass

B. I got hacked on the email I used to create it.


Dragon Gurl

PS: Me loves to make video’s on free realms xP

April 4, 2010

although i dont go on bin weevils VERY much now…

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i am still keeping my website open, im more addicted to tootsville now.

March 16, 2010

i forgot to say something.

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to all you people that think chain mailing is “cool” IT AINT!

when i was little i used to freak out about chain mail. IT ISNT FUNNY! whoever started chain mail STOP.

I have only forwarded 1 piece of chain mail ever, and that was because i was out of my mind with fear.

ones that say “this is true!” most likely arent, but scary.

bottom line is:

dont chain mail on my site, or anywhere for that matter.

list of things ppl hate:


2.chain mail


4.cyber bullying

5.being bored.

and also if you chain mail/spam/swear on my site i WILL find out a way to ban you.

and i just got one on here.

“a guy will hurt you!” i was out of my mind with fear the other day, because of one about meat pies.(you dont wanna know, no really you dont.) and i couldnt sleep and i eventually got to sleep and when i woke up i was *drumroll* still alive!

comment on this if you agree with stopping chain mail.

EDIT: i just came up with a idea to forward chain mail with out scaring ppl.

create a website for no reason and post the chain mail on there.

it said post it to 5 differant sites, easy!!

but still scary.

did you know that if it is still on email you can trace it back to the original sender… i doubt it has been going for years and years….

January 31, 2010

im gonna now test out what happens if i do the mulch cheat

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meh, violetprincess is only my tester anyways….

IT WORKS… wait lemme check…

i wasnt paying attention i have 868 mulch now ill do the cheat…

AWW IT ONLY GAVE ME 1 MULCH! it doesnt work… ='(

ok guys… news…(been a while but hey what ev)

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so, theres a beach party at slams party box and it totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now i ask myself why havent i been going on binweevils?

(oh yeah i remember i got bored but now i love it)

also in other news i just found out…..

that bin weevils is advertising top gear turbo challange! (yay!!)

i also have a question for you guys… can bin pets die?(i havent been on bin weevils for ages and i dunno if my bin pet is ok…)


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i might stay… if i find bin weevils interesting again…..

ps:if you see a person on there called violetprincess… its me!

December 28, 2009


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this website is now closed, im sorry but i DO NOT have time to deal with spam,comments and general not giving this site to anyone, as i might come back one day,
this is the FINAL post
i will not post on here again

October 19, 2009

HEY! 1 yr old blog (i think)

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omg i think my blog is a year old soon!



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i get alot of comments where some ppl swear on here! i mean its hard enough to do this as it is!i am not kidding! JUST DONT SPAM HERE! i get other comments that r nice  and sometimes fan mail. thats why i do this blog. Nice comments come! Bad comments don’t!

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